Welcome to Arden Youth Rugby!

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Everything you wanted to know about Arden Youth Rugby  - a Co-Ed, Touch version of Rugby   We hope you'll join us and catch the worldwide rugby fever! 

Relax - it's Touch Rugby...

Rugby with everything but the full contact.  Non stop action, constant running, passing, and kicking, and full participation with a focus on developing skills for a lifetime of Rugby - America's fastest growing TEAM sport!  (National Association of Sports Equipment Manufacturers).  Teens can play tackle, our focus is on teaching skills before teaching contact.

Join Us.

We practice at Arden Park, just off Sunrise Beach Road, in Crownsville, Maryland.  We start when the lacrosse season is over (TUESDAY JUNE 5) and finish the first weekend in August.  We need boys and girls, as well as moms and dads.  No experience necessary for players or coaches!  So bring your friends, bring your neighbors, and get ready to have some great fun!

Practice Tuesday/Thursday 6.30-7.30 (8 when school's out).
Games are on Thursdays and Saturdays.

If we're too far from you, then join another local Program, or contact us about starting your own - its fun, easy, and you'll get rich too - ok we made that last part up just to see if you're paying attention.


ArdenRugby at Gmail.com

Arden Youth Rugby 2009 STATE CHAMPIONS

Thanks to Severn River RFC and Liz Malby of the Baltimore Sun (photo top left).

REPEAT 2012 STATE CHAMPIONS!! Arden U11s! U13 Bowl Champs! U15 Plate Champs!  SWEEP!

Yes, we play in the rain! (but not lightning...) 2011 u15 Tackle Squad.